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Benchmarking shucked drive WD80EMZZ from WD 8TB Elements Desktop

Shucking drives is a good thing to get fairly cheap WD Red or enterprise-grade drives. But that might have changed. I recently bought a Western Digital 8TB Elements Desktop external drive (WDBWLG0080HBK-EESN) from Amazon. After opening the case I found a WD80EMZZ 8TB drive, which was not a total surprise, but the fact that the drive parks it's heads right after 8s of inactivity lead to my decision to send it back. After some testing of the drive I already had over 130 head park cycles. Here are some benchmarks: Atto CrystalDiskMark HDTunePro

Toshiba N300 4TB NAS hard drive benchmarks

  I have been using WD Red 4TB drives since 2013 without any problems so far. These disks are great and very efficient in terms of power consumption, but I found a real alternative at the same price: The Toshiba N300 series . There was an update to the N300 series in 2020 or 2021. First, this is a 7200rpm drive in the price range of a 5400rpm drive with almost the power consumption of a 5400rpm drive. The unrecoverable error rate of 1 per 10^15 bits read (4 TB - 8 TB) is also unusual in this class. But here's a  link to the specs . Benchmarks During all benchmarks and general heavy use in my server the temperatures have not exceeded ~31° C and are also very quiet in operation. All disks have successfully undergone badblocks initial testing and are now in production environment. We will see if they last as long as the WD Reds did.