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Sabrent USB 5-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter NT-SS5G on macOS Review

This is a review about the  Sabrent USB 5-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter NT-SS5G. This review only covers my experience with macOS. Summary: Does NOT work on Apple M1 hardware (yet), no arm64e support Does work with Apple Intel hardware. Also needs SIP off which might/should be a dealbreaker for some/most users!  Due to the USB 3.1 Gen1 interface speed is limited to ~3.5Gbit!  Based on AQC111U chipset by Marvell/ Aquantia I recently ordered this adapter on amazon to get faster ethernet connection to my TrueNAS server which is on a 10Gbit network. Unfortunately it is not really working with macOS Big Sur. I planned to use this dongle with my 2018 13" MacBook Pro and a new Mac mini M1, both running on the latest macOS Big Sur 11.1. On the Mac mini M1 this dongle barely works at almost 1Gbit, actually it is just about 740Mbit. So that is useless because you got 1Gbit ethernet built-in and there are other cheap and actually working 1Gbit adapters if you need a second NIC. On my 2018 13"